An ordinary one
The second volume of the book series titled The Velvet Comic – stories about the Velvet Revolution
The Velvet Revolution had its ordinary days and everyday problems, too. Teenager Lucia lives in a housing estate in the city of Martin and looks at the world from the eighth floor of a grey block of flats. 
Her worries seem trivial during the November and December days of 1989. To her, however, they seem like the biggest ones in the world. When will she finally see Tomáš – an actor in the Martin Theatre – that she is secretly in love with? The theatre is suddenly ruled by chaos, strange rallies are held there instead of performances, and the parents act kind of weird as well. 
However, the biggest revolution in her life will be caused by the arrival of a new sibling, her brother Lukáško. These days are really upside down and Lucia feels like she has to face everything completely alone. What will the cold revolutionary days change in the life of a young schoolgirl?

Text: Tereza Oľhová
Illustrations & Lettering: Mária Kralovič
Lay-out: Boris Meluš
Size: 215 x 300
Pages: 44
Retail price: 17,50 EUR
For age: 12+
ISBN 978-80-972977-7-0
EAN 9788097297770
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