(Čierna oslava)
The first volume of the book series titled The Velvet Comic – stories about the Velvet Revolution
Jana is a girl of two faces. In the morning, she is an obedient granddaughter of a Communist functionary; at night, she is a rebellious Depeche Mode fan dressed in a black leather jacket experiencing her first great love. It is November 16, 1989 and a spontaneous student demonstration for better and free education is planned to take place in Bratislava. The totalitarian regime is on the verge of collapsing, but the heroes of this story do not know that yet. How will the direct confrontation of students with the Communist Party officials turn out?
The Black Celebration tells a dramatic story set in the little known Bratislava demonstration that took place on the eve of the most important day of the Velvet Revolution.
Text: Michal Hvorecký
Illustrations: Klára Štefanovičová
Lay-out & Dig. Lettering: Boris Meluš
Size: 215 x 300
Pages: 44
Retail price: 17,50 EUR
For age: 12+
ISBN: 978-80-972977-6-3
EAN: 9788097297763
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