(Jana, líška a ja)
Hélène is being bullied at school by girls who were, until recently, her friends. These days, however, they’ve been scribbling insults on the walls, slandering her both on bus and in classroom. Hélène tries to ignore it and escapes reality by reading a book about Jane Eyre. She admires how a poor orphan became a beautiful, wise and slim lady. But when the girls humiliate Hélène out loud and in front of everyone on a school trip, she needs more than just a fictional friend…
What are children capable of? Sure, they can inflict a wound, too, but they can also fight back when hurt: with their imagination and by searching for kindred spirits, whether fictional or real ones. A touching story told through amazing illustrations, for which the author has won many awards.

Text: Fanny Britt
Illustrations: Isabelle Arsenault
Translation: Petra Pančíková
Lay-out: Peter Gála
Lettering: Peter Gála, Katarína Chlebničanová

Size: 215 x 285
Pages: 104
Retail price: 24,90 EUR
For age: 11-14 years
ISBN 978-80-99954-00-8
EAN 9788099954008
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