(Lebo mi veľmi chýbaš)
If you miss someone very much, someone who left your life forever, give this book a try.  It is intended for children who are feeling very sad, but also for their parents to better understand children’s sadness.
The book was written by a psychologist who, in her practice, also accompanies the smallest ones in their sadness. Children can draw, write, stick photos into the book, and will also find other small ideas that will relieve their soul, help them understand and make their peace, no matter who they lost – a close family member, a friend or a favourite pet.
Because it is important to mourn. And to be able to mourn on one’s own terms. This is not a miraculous manual on how to quickly drive away sadness. Rather, it is a tool that will guide you in how to overcome sadness, how to deal with it. And it doesn’t have to be fast at all, quite the contrary.
It is also a short story of a bear that is equally sad. He feels like screaming, scolding and stamping. The world doesn’t seem fair to him. It is because he misses someone very much. At the same time, however, he tries to understand that that someone will stay with him forever, and one day the sun will shine again and it will be okay to laugh aloud.

Text: Ayşe Bosse
Illustrations: Andreas Klammt
Lay-out: Peter Gála
Size: 185 x 220
Pages: 60
Retail price: 14,50 EUR
For age: 6 -14 years
ISBN: 978-80-972977-2-5 
EAN: 9788097297725
Slovak edition 2018 ©E.J.Publishing, Bratislava 
First published in Germany under the title WEIL DU MIR SO FEHLST 
© 2016 by CARLSEN Verlag GmbH, Hamburg, Germany