A Book Full of Sounds

(Ťuk ťuk puk. Knižka plná zvukov)

Author and illustrator: Benjamin Gottwald
Foreword: Dieter Böge
Translator: Jana H. Hoffstädter
Lay-out: Boris Meluš

Age group: for all ages
Format: Hardback, 160 Pages
Dimensions: 170 x 240 mm, 570 g
Retail price: 18,00 EUR

ISBN 978-80-99954-19-0
EAN 9788099954190

2023 ©E.J.Publishing, Bratislava
Can you hear what you can see?
In this book, it pops and knocks, croaks, and cracks.
Discover sounds in bright colours, even without reading a word.
Make a sound of what you see in the pictures. Ideally, loud! And listen how it sounds.
You wouldn't believe how many words can be used to describe various sounds. Everybody knows what sound does a horse make, but what is the sound of spaghetti? And what about the shower? This book will guide you through many joyful situations.
Fun guaranteed!