(Bývalý syn)
Text: Sasha Filipenko 
Translation: Katarína Strelková
Design: Matúš Hnát

Size: 120 x 190
Pages: 208

Retail price: 17 EUR
fiction, adults
ISBN 978-80-99954-13-8
EAN 9788099954138
2022 ©E.J.Publishing, Bratislava

Sixteen-year-old Francisk is supposed to be practising the cello, but he prefers to enjoy life with his friends. However, a trip to a rock concert doesn't end well; instead, a huge tragedy occurs, in which Francisk is accidentally injured. He falls into a coma and doesn't come out of it for years. With the time passing by, everyone gives up on him; his parents, his girlfriend, his doctors. The only person who won't let Francisk disconnect from the machines is his grandmother. 
After ten years, Francisk wakes up. However, he finds himself in a country where absolutely nothing has changed in ten years. It is ruled by the same man, young people are leaving, every protest is suppressed. 
Will Francisk find his place in this country?