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Picture book.
Activities for parents with kids.
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Arthur is four years old, goes to kindergarten, likes spaghetti and his best friend René. He lives in a large family that’s alive with constant bustle caused, among other things, by the fact that his siblings sometimes leave home. Yes, even for the night! However, they always return in a few days. And so on and on. But as if that wasn't enough – today, today the younger of the sisters disappeared!
This is us is a picture book that wants to stimulate communication, conversation, questions and answers. Talk to the children about your family, who makes it up and what they do, what their day was like. What other families you know, what family you came from, or what kind of family other than the biological one you have chosen during your life, what friends and colleagues mean to you.

Idea & Text: Jana H. Hoffstädter
Illustrations: Marta Matus (Mészárosová)
Lay-out: Janka Bálik
Size: 260×280
Pages: 28 + poster
Retail price: 15,50 EUR
For age: 4 – 7 years
ISBN 978-80-99954-01-5
EAN 9788099954015
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