Beautiful books.

By design.

We are a small publishing house with passion for beautiful books. Our main focus is on children´s and young adult´s books for now, though it should get extended, later on.

We are starting and we are dreaming big. Our vision is to make good books, beautiful from the outside and the inside. Both: good design & good content. 

We are working, apart from international translations & co-editions, with local writers, illustrators and graphic designers. 

You are welcome to read more about our work and our plans in What we do

There are never enough beautiful books to enrich people´s lives.
Cesta na svet / The beginning of me  (above) is a children’s book by the founder of E.J. Publishing Jana H. Hoffstädter. Hoffstädter is also the owner of the publishing rights to this exceptional book with moving illustrations by Petra Lukovicsová and lay-out by Boris Meluš, the 2016 National Prize for Communication Design winner.

If you wish to read the extract in English or in German, or you would like to see the book presentation, feel free to contact us.
We are more than happy to send you either of.