Text: Soňa G. Lutherová
Illustrations: Martin Krkošek
Lay-out: Janka Bálik
Age group: 5-7
Hardback, 57 pages, 235 x 175 mm
Retail price: 15,50 EUR

Extraordinarily ordinary stories of little Mike, his family, and friends. The lead character of this book curiously and tirelessly discovers the diversity of the world around him. Throughout one year he experiences a lot of unexpected encounters and finds himself in completely new situations. He meets people he has not met before, or he sees the familiar ones in a new light. Gradually, he finds out that the world he lives in is even more diverse and beautiful than he has thought so far.Every person is different and extraordinary at the same time. Some resemble each other more or less, and others not at all. However, it is not important that we are all the same, but that we treat one another with the same respect.

RIGHTS SOLD: Czech Republic

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