Text: Petra Lukovicsová
Illustrations: Petra Lukovicsová
Lay-out: Boris Meluš
Age group: 15+
Paperback, 68 pages, 125 x 140 mm
Retail price: 6,90 EUR

Welcome to the world of graphic interlingual homonyms! If you enjoy language and like nice pictures, this is a book for you. One word, two meanings, both hidden in one illustration.

Homonyms are words of the same sound but of different meaning. In this book you will find the so-called false homonyms, also called homographs, that is, words of the same spelling but not always of the same pronunciation. We decided to explore the interlingual ones; there is an equivalent in another language to every Slovak word.

The book is intended for adult and teen entertainment and is not a scientific publication. 

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