Text: Soňa Balážová
Illustrations: Aneta Františka Holasová
Lay-out: Janka Bálik
Age group: 8-12
Paperback, 99 pages, 143 x 213 mm
Retail price: 17 EUR

Aren’t the most ordinary things sometimes the best ones? We think they are!
Join the story of Clementine and her invisible friend Wendelin. Um, is he really invisible? What about the horse in the bottle? And the fish in the swimming pool, have you heard of them? And wait a minute, where do they actually take all the leaves that fall from the trees in autumn? Where are they driving that autumn?
“This cheerful, but at the same time touching book will definitely catch you. Really. For sure. Definitely. Shove it straight into the bag. Oh, well, first go to the cashier, of course. Yep, sure, that’s what you just wanted to do. You are simply great. We wish you a lot of fun read while reading, enjoy! Yours, C.”

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