Text: Ida Želinská & Jana H. Hoffstädter
Illustrations: Martin Krkošek
Design: Mária Rojko
For all ages
Hardback, 236 pages, 165 x 205 mm, 610 g
Retail price: 22 EUR

A Guide to Fair Divorce and Life Afterwards. For Parents and Their Children

Explore two books in one; one part is for children, another one for their parents or adults in general. This book was created by its authors working together with many other experts in psychology, legal issues, and education.
Even though it is hard, sometimes the only way out of an unhappy marriage is to get divorced. Not always it is easy, but you can manage it respectfully and with dignity. Therefore, there is a guide to a fair divorce and life afterwards, intended for both adults and children.
This book will show the children that in such an unthinkable situation they are not alone, that there is always someone who is thinking of them and knowing what they are going through. It will show them that they can cope with their emotions and even though their parents are separated, they should still believe that there are plenty of happy and more beautiful moments in their life to come.
This book will advise parents how to raise their children after separation or divorce. It lends them a helping hand and reassures that they are doing well, and it is worth trying. It encourages them when they get into some unpleasant situation or when they are overwhelmed by emotions.
This book is also for parents who are going through a divorce. It can help them while filing for divorce, advise them on how to make a good parental agreement, how to talk about divorce with children, how to agree about custody of children or how to divide assets, and how to prepare for the court process. Achieving a friendly divorce can be possible.
Finally, this book is also very helpful for people from close family, friends, and teachers, as well as those who have children’s best interests at heart.

RIGHTS SOLD: Czech Republic

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