Text: Dominika Elizabeth Hladíková
Illustrations: Ivana Palečková
Lay-out: Ivana Palečková
Age group: 14+
Paperback, 188 pages, 115 x 180 mm
Retail price: 13 EUR

The story of a seventeen-year-old girl who is almost blind but longs to live like everyone else. Friendship, fights, love, and Instagram. This young adult novel is written in fresh, believable and simple language. Themes and environments that young people can easily identify with.

Mia is seventeen years old, she has one true friend, parents that are fighting, a camera on her neck and a new account on Instagram. She has been almost blind since birth. However, she longs for a normal life. She wants to study, take pictures, fall in love and she wants someone to really care for her. And no, parents don’t count, even if they’re okay. Can Mia find out who is worth it in life and what is really important?

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