Text: Jana H. Hoffstädter
Illustrations: Petra Lukovicsová
Lay-out: Boris Meluš
Age group: 4+
Hardback, 120 pages, 170 x 190 mm
Retail price: 12,90 EUR

The story is narrated by a kindergartener called Ethan, who would like to find out how he came to this world. Ethan will soon have a brother or a sister and is not only therefore immensely interested in everything pregnancy related. He has lots of questions: What do babies do in the belly, how on Earth did they even get in, why do they stay there for so long, how exactly they manage to come out in the end, why daddies cannot have babies, why this and that… So, Ethan’s parents explain and draw pictures and Ethan then tells everything he knows to other children, the readers of the book.

The author and the illustrator worked close together to create a magical book. It tries to give open but sensitive answers to children’s questions. The author consulted experts in medicine and psychology while writing the book. Psychologist and university professor Eva Poliaková and OB-GYN Dr. Zuzana Šebíková acted as expert consultants for the book.The book offers a helping hand in answering children’s questions about how they came into the world. Reading and browsing through the book creates a safe space for parents and their children to talk about topics that might otherwise be a little difficult to discuss. The story about a boy gives answers to some of the most common questions small children ask.

RIGHTS SOLD: Czech Republic

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