Text: Ján Púček & Jana H. Hoffstädter
Illustrations: Matej Ilčík
Lay-out: Boris Meluš
Age group: 10+
Hardback, 84 pages, 170 x 225 mm
Retail price: 20 EUR

Climbing to the top is not always easy. And really, it’s not easy even if you’re repeatedly pulled up by a cable car or a ski lift. In our story, one persistent girl made it. Her name is Veronika, do you want to meet her?
This is a story inspired by the true story of the first Slovak successful alpine skier Veronika Velez-Zuzulová. A story about her love for skiing and the mountains, about hard work and the power of friendship, about big dreams that require big sacrifice. 
Read about a girl from the city, from a block house, who became a world-class skier. And she did everything to make her dreams come true. And a bonus! If you want to learn more about alpine skiing, you’ve come to the right place. Open the book and let yourself fall…  into fresh snow.

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